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Arte Bohème 

Our stylistic approach revolves around a harmonious composition of colors, patterns, and textures. By blending new elements with antiques and vintage pieces, we create cozy and inviting interiors that possess character and reflect the unique personalities of their users. 

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Green Suede

"The beauty of antiques and vintage pieces lies in their ability to represent and symbolize the past in tangible form, capturing the continuous flow of an object's history into modern times with new elements."- Federica Molini

Arte Bohème

Arte Boheme
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Choose from our creative design consultation services to refresh, finalize, or start your residential or commercial project. Explore three distinct design options and witness the creation of a unique, harmonious space that reflects your personality and style.


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Green Suede
Green Suede

Veronica De Armas , Minneapolis

I've been following Federica's work since many years ago and I knew that once we became home owners, we were going to design our house interiors with her. And how right was I! The best about Federica is that she loves what she does. She believes in it. She is passionate  about it!  She is hands on. She gets involved. And she has a great style and taste. We are so happy with the result. She mixes old and new, classic and trendy. 

Arte Boheme is just magnificent. And I'm so proud of her and what she has created. If you're thinking about hiring her, stop thinking and go for it! It will be a great investment for your family and your home.

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