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Canton Cabin, North Carolina 



Our stylistic approach revolves around a harmonious composition of colors, patterns, and textures. By blending new elements with antiques and vintage pieces, we create cozy and inviting interiors that possess character and reflect the unique personalities of their users!" 

- Federica Molini Carbonara 

Choose from our creative design consultation services to refresh, finalize, or start your residential or commercial project. Explore three distinct design options and witness the creation of a unique, harmonious space that reflects your personality and style.

  • The Lay-Out
    45 min video call. (2) option layout for (1) living space. Suggestions about re-decorating, upgrading decor & finding balance with your current elements. Be ready to receive an email overview with guidelines to follow for the creation of your space!
  • The Mood-Board Service
    60 min meeting. (2) option mood-boards for (1) living space. Product link list. Will need dimensions of space Be ready to receive an email overview with guidelines for steps to follow.
  • Product Sourcing Service
    Unlock the magic of our Product Sourcing Service, artfully blending modern items with unique vintage treasures. Elevate your space with expert solutions and discover contemporary and timeless pieces! Our harmonious approach to colors, patterns, and textures creates cozy, inviting interiors that reflect unique personalities
  • Event Design
    Discover our Event Design Services, where every element is thoughtfully selected with a creative and unique touch. We bring your vision to life with impeccable design execution, ensuring your special day is truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Custom Project
    Arte Boheme offers customized design services for detailed projects, blending new elements with vintage and antique pieces. Our expertise lies in creating unique, personalized spaces through a harmonious composition of colors, patterns, and textures. Each project is tailored to reflect the individual style and personality of the client, ensuring interiors that are both cozy and inviting. Our bespoke approach guarantees distinctive designs that stand out for their artistic and creative touch.
Arte Boheme

Veronica De Armas, Minneapolis

I've been following Federica's work for many years now & I knew that once we became home owners, we were designing our house with her. She has a great style and taste. We are so happy with the result. She mixes old and new, classic and trendy. 

Arte Boheme is just magnificent. 

Jackie Sermeno, Miami, FL

Federica's talent in this field is nothing short of exceptional.What distinguishes Federica is her ability to infuse a unique and personal character into every project she takes on. She has an innate talent for understanding her clients' desires and translating them into captivating, functional designs.

Irina Maderna, Wisconsin

We worked remotely alongside Federica with the Mood-Board design service option for our new home and we simply loved it. She explained everything very detailed oriented and sent us the mood-boards and product links for us to assemble. The house looks stunning and reflects our style and personality.


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