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Remote Interior Design Program 

The remote interior design program consists of a digital client/ designer dynamic where the client receives a fully designed space by Arte Boheme. The physical arrangement of the space is ultimately executed by the client with Arte Boheme's monitoring. 
The service allows the use of pre-existing furnishing owned by the client, and or guides in the acquisition process of new pieces of furniture and accessories.

Overview of our remote design process:

  • The client provides AB with photographs of the space that needs re designing in its current state and provides detailed measurements and materials of existing furnishing (if any). 
  • The client expresses functional needs for the space as well as the aesthetic desires. 
  • AB and the client determine whether new furnishing need be acquired. 
  • AB presents a preliminary design (Desgin A) of the existing space and furnishing with generic additonal furnishing to be acquired (if needed). The client has the possibility to modify Design A once (Modified Design A)
  • Upon agreement, Arte Bohéme begins a research process to find online retailers with specific pieces that will fit the space requirements presented by the client. AB will send the client a list of possible furnishing for purchase and vendors. 
  • The client and Arte Bohéme agree on the additonal pieces to be purchased.
  • Arte Bohéme presents a final design (Design Z) of the newly designed space with images of the pieces to be acquired. 
  • The client proceeds to purchase digitally directly from suggested vendors.
  • Upon receiving the merchandise the client places the new pieces in the setup provided by Arte Bohéme's final design (Design Z).
  • Arte Bohéme revises the final set-up via video conferences, email, and photographs with the client. 

For information of rates per space, please send an email requesting pricing sheet at 

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