Wardrobe to mood-board: Red-Black-Prints

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I have tried and failed miserably at round two, or so I think. The cheetah and I are clearly not friends and the flower print was too feminine for my taste (for this particular design). I must say, on the other hand, that I loved this mood board and despite not matching the outfit, I am very happy with the results.
You can see the red, black and the tiny tiny cheetah throw pillows on the end corners of the sofa.
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Why am I not using SketchUp to design? well... I've got a shitty computer and if I download one more software it will completely collapse. For the time being, Photoshop will be my go-to to program to provide you with the weekly designs. Just in case you haven't noticed, I have also gone over my rule and designed out of the $50 budget per item. I mean, pretty hard to get a $50 sofa or accent chairs online UNLESS they are thrifted (wink wink). Happy start of the week people. 

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