Wardrobe to mood-board: Floral - Black - Beige

It's week 3 of wardrobe to mood board! For this one I had the opportunity to work with the brand Geraldine Bedrosian . I collaborated with the Venezuelan / Armenian Designer by using her SPRING 2020 collection jacket KHALO (go check out the other designs they are gorgeous).
  The challenge for this third round, was to not only recreate the style, but also showcase the print of the jacket in the design of the mood board. A floral wall paper, such as the jacket, was the focal point of the design with black decor elements: table, rug, and chairs combined with a natural element such as cane in the backing of them.

By the look on my face, you can clearly see how comfortable I am with this wardrobe. I am mastering my feminine side like no other. I am definitely a sneakers and jeans kinda person. Fashion Bloggers out there, I admire every single one of you! I just can't. 

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