Many where the reasons why I decided to come to Barcelona. One of them was to do a Masters in Interior Design and finally be able to learn how to design in a "professional" way and showcase my work properly. The second  and most important reason, was to take time with myself to heal and do intense inner work. I believe we are all in a constant process of healing, learning the art of letting go, overcoming past burdens that become heavier with time, and to find peace with oneself by forgiving not only us but other people. Bottom line solitude at its finest! 
As a result of all this emotional and spiritual cleansing SANA, my final project for the masters, was born. An entrance of a  co-working space had to be created and this was all that came to mind. A place whose purpose is to develop holistic and healing practices, focused on the body, mind and spirit. A warm earthy color palette was chosen for this space which symbolizes the body and nature, creating a soothing and relaxed environment.

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