Barcelona Coffee shops and their lovely interiors

It's been about two weeks since my arrival to Barcelona. I am crazy happy to be here, feels different this time around. More relaxed enjoying alone time and the famous non-stop walks to nowhere basically, which in my opinion, are the best kind. Retrome, Syra Coffee and El viejo Almacen where spotted precisely this way, by just podcasting my way through  the city, listening to endless episodes of philosophize this and BOOM the need for a third or fourth coffee came to mind as my eyes fixated on each and every single one of these locations window display.

Located in Career de Girona #81

I swear I was very close to take my shoes off here. I felt like home, loved the palettes and the decor in this space. The retro mixed with the vintage mixed with the plants just got me. I'm a fan period.

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 Carrer de la Mare de Déu dels Desemparats, 8

You Syra are by far the best thing around my block, aside from the Cuban bar underneath my apt! This place is my daily go-to for coffee. A super inviting grab and go coffee shop. 

Carrer de Ramón y Cajal, 158

The smallest yet most inviting Argentinian place you'll find in the city.  In the Viejo Almacen, I met Marco, the lovely employee from the shop with whom I gladly sat with for a few second and talked about life, the many cities he had lived in for the past year, and the stories behind his drawing. 

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