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I am no expert at this (Let me just clear the air with that) but I can assure you, that I've killed enough plants to know how to properly care for them NOW 😉. So with all of this being said, and with no guilt trip on my side after confessing, I can explain to you a bit about these AAAMAZING plants, that not only add a beautiful live decor to your home, but can also keep it safe and free of toxins and chemicals!!! Let me not forget to mention that some of them emit oxygen. WHAT?!!! yup oxygen! sooo... pretty much I consider these lovely ladies, to be somewhat the comparison to Santa's elfs. They work year round to keep a safe and lovely environment at home but it's Santa that gets all the credit at the end.  So let's give them (if purchased) a lot of love and care because the fat man can't always get all the credit at the end. 

I have narrowed down, my top six most favorite air purifying plants. Tips for their care, what chemicals they remove from our home, their many names and how to physically identify them!  

 Pothos/ Money Plant/ Malanga

Types: Marble, Jade, Neon, and Golden 
Care: Very popular for it's tolerance to low light and low humidity. At its best in indirect, medium sunlight. Pothos don't like wet soil so it shouldn't be kept too moist. A good pruning so often, helps the plant to grow new leafs and stay healthy. 
Pollutant Removes: Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Carbon Monoxide. 

 Spider Plant

Care: Known to be one of the most adaptable and easy to grow plant and also for its very long striped leaves, the spider plants are great at removing air toxins. This plant can grow in a wide range of conditions and suffer little damage. Prefer to have well-drained soil and be kept in bright indirect light. Allow soil to dry between watering. 
Tip: Love Humidity, are great for bathrooms. 
Pollutant Removes: Formaldehyde and Xylene 

Snake Plant / Mother in law's tongue/ Sansevierias 

Types: Robusta, Twist, Sunrise, Black and Gold, Silver Queen, and Zeylonica Green.  
Care: These plants emit oxygen and help improve sleep quality making them the perfect plants for the bedroom. Little water and light is required for its survival, but please please do water them every so often!
Tip: This plant can be toxic to animals if ingested.
Pollutant Removes: Formaldehyde, and Benzene

English Ivy 

Care: These easy to grow and easily adaptable plants can out-stand a variety of home environments but void from having them in high temperatures. Best with indirect, medium sunlight to low sunlight. 
Pollutant Removes: Formaldehyde, Benzene and Xylene. 

 Boston Fern / Kimberly Queen Fern 

Care: These plants require frequent misting and watering otherwise, its leaves will turn brown. AMAZING humidifier plants. Best in indirect, medium sunlight 
Tip: Helps with humidity at home are great for bathrooms. 
Pollutant Removes: Formaldehyde and Xylene 

Peace Lily 

Care:  The mother to all indoor plants. This lovely lady has the ability to remove air pollutants and is the most valuable of all indoor / houseplants. Best with indirect, medium sunlight to low light. Keep soil moist, but don't overwater it. They enjoy humidity. 

Pollutant Removes: Ammonia, Benzene Formaldehyde and Xylene 

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