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Talking about personal matters is not something I thought I would be writing about in this little corner of mine, but HEY! life and its unexpected turns, seem to be the only constant. Sooo welcoming them with the most positive of attitude, is a way of making any kind of situation less uncomfortable. Sooo here I am, trying to make the best out of this new chapter of mine. And what may that be precisely? well...  Current situation: Hair-loss  - Possible solution: Start overworking my plants by turning them into wigs  Solution: Rogaine is here to help (whoot  shoot!)

This whole new chapter started roughly about six months ago. I began noticing a significant amount of hair-loss during my morning routine. At first, not much attention was being invested in, because stress was a big factor during those days, so I quickly associated one with the other. With time, this now called "issue" became even more apparent and uncomfortably permanent. That's when I realized I had to address this matter,  that was now worrying me wayyy too much for my taste, RIGHT.AWAY. 

I know... I know what you're probably going to say... "That hair loss it's an inevitable circumstance that both men and women face throughout a period of their lives and specially during rough days!" BUT I had also found out, that I did not only "qualify" for the stress portion of it, but also for the hereditary 🙆 part too. Let me tell you it is NOT pleasant to hear the word hereditary with this situation!

I quickly jumped into investigating  hair-loss prevention methods, as well as products that would fight and avoid this uncomfortable circumstance that was making me feel short from begin confident with myself. Luckily, a few weeks after this whole hair-loss madness, I was introduced to both Rogaine for women and easy-to-use Foam  by Rogaine.  My prayers have been answered guys and my mane is finally getting back on track! simple steps wit this amazing product, consistency, and morning routine changes and the results are well, amazeballs! yeah... that good! A definite must for those of you struggling with this itty bitty ginormous situation. 

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