Status: Missing home + Post Irma house cravings

Hey guys! glad it's Tuesday. Sun is shinning and we're officially hurricane free down here in Florida. It was actually our first hurricane experience as Floridians (for Fede and myself) after been living here for fifteen years, if you think the words: panic, flee, and pack-up never crossed my might, I would be lying. Truth is, the house was ready, and I was packed before Ivan could say: "ok, let's evacuate...further south TO MIAMI!" my eyes were WIIIIIDE open and my jaw dropped after hearing his proposal. We had everything in our house cluttered together in case of a flood, art collection was taken off the walls and locked up in  the warehouse, plants were put inside of the house.

 I didn't quite grasped to the idea of leaving my home, let alone going further SOUTH.  I swear, a starting contest happened for a few seconds between Ivan and I, and a possible chocking desire briefly crossed my mind, right before he explained that after our Guatemala flight had been cancelled, he wasn't taking the risk of leaving the state by car, last minute ,with all of the traffic jam happening on the Florida highway. Sooo here we are, still at Ivan's grandma since last Thursday, missing terribly our house and wishing it looked this beautiful and organized 

Most of these images depict predominantly figurative art. It's precisely what we are lacking in our home right this minute, and missing the most... aside from electricity OF COURSE! 


All images have been provided by Pinterest. 

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