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Arte Boheme Orkin
Guess what time of year it is?!!! YUP it's summer time / rainy season. And with its welcoming, we have made up a song that has stuck with us for almost three weeks! "Rain, rain go away, let the kids go out and play!" (Spanish version of course!). Can you believe that?! THREE WEEKS OF RAIN!  Apparently this side of earth-or better yet, Miami- is extra thirsty! and can't blame her, it's been CRAZY HOT LATELY! like walking around in bathing suit kinda thing...
We've been crossing fingers for just a few hours of straight sunlight, without any interruption, and that's precisely what we got! Our love for the outdoors still prevailed, despite it's overabundance of water in every little corner (pots, puddles, and even in Fede's backyard toys) possibly carrying a gazillion mosquitoes. Safety is definitely our top priority when it comes to entertaining our little ones, so having Orkin come along for some safety tips for our backyard was definitely a reliever! A few easy do's and don't and VOILÀ! a stress free summer time with the help of Orkin!  Love being educated about our surroundings, and just the easiest of advice for a safe day outdoors can make SUCH a difference!  
This family is definitely ready for some backyard action AND investigation of all the rocks being on the side of the grass and not the coral (where they're supposed to be)🙈  Mosquitoes are an obvious nuisance but can also be a health threat.

Arte Boheme Orkin
Arte Boheme Orkin
Arte Boheme Orkin
Arte Boheme Orkin Arte Boheme Orkin

GUYS!!! It is SUPER important to take precautions such as the followings, to help prevent mosquito bites, especially during these upcoming summer days when they are most active! here are some safety outdoor tips for the prevention of mosquitoes (they have done wonders for our backyard!): 

* In your yard, eliminate standing water where mosquitoes can breed.
*Use EPA - registered mosquito repellent containing AT LEAST one of the following ingredients: DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, and para-menthane-diol. 
*Change water in fountains, potted plants, gutters, and any containers that hold standing water. 
*Keep pool water treated and circulated. 

Arte Boheme Orkin

* Wear light color clothing. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors! so wear light to avoid them!
*Have grass cut short. Mosquitoes love the abundance of it, so cut it! 
Arte Boheme Orkin

If mosquitoes are ruining your summer fun, don't hesitate to contact the lisenced pest professionals around your area from Orkin at 877-778-2497. Use my offer code Zero Bite (oBite) for $50 off your first mosquito service! 

Happy summering guys!!!

Photography By: Denise Grier 

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Orkin; all thoughts and opinions are my own #sponsored. 

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