Thrifty Finds and the Swap Shop

"Bueno, Bonito y Barato" every thrifter's motto guide for good thrift finds - guys, that's it! if you get those three words in an object's description when thrift hunting, you have scored mayor gold!!! The famous three B's have never let me down SOOOO.... don't forget then when starting the hunt. 

We visited the Swap Shop up in Fort Lauderdale for some quick grocery shopping and enjoy its endless outdoor flea-market section. Among our purchase list for fruits and vegetables, two new products appeared last minute: a wooden planter and a woven hammock which seemed to be MUSTS for next weeks cooking recipes 😂.  I mean, a thirteen dollar deal for these two beauties could not be passed over!!!  So we gladly added those to the cart, and continued through the vegetable isle. 

Has this ever happened to anyone you know (YOU PERHAPS)? Walk into a place knowing exactly what you need and walking out of it with exactly what you didn't know you wanted. Well, that was me and... none, no shoppers remorse over here -because, after all, I do believe that the vegetables were more expensive than these two put together😉. So, remember BBB as extremely essential and 100% effective for the everyday recipe of every home.   


Nonna let's go for a ride <3 <3 <3

Such great variety of fruits, vegetables, and spices at the Swap shop! 

I seriously Couldn't contain my excitement. " Five dollar the lady said', When I asked the price for this AMAZING hand woven hammock. I had to ask her twice because she wasn't even looking, and thought for a second she had said it to get it out of the way. I swear I have never handed money so fast in my life, like I did to her!  ( a change of mind would have NOT benefited me so... the faster, the better 😉).
Hammock for Fede's room -- Check
Wooden Planter for my new cactus -- Check 

Till next thrifty find guys <3

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