My top 3 to-go places in Zona Colonial // D.R.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I know I'm sort of late for that (nine days to be exact) BUT I guess it's always good to wish everyone good vibes for this new year 2017 (the year of the rooster)! Any new projects in mind? goals? plans? If so... best of wishes to everyone and let this new cycle around the sun, be wayyyy better than last year!

I was beyond excited to close 2016 in a place other than Miami, cause it meant vacation 😉  and also because I kinda knew where we were heading to - Dominican Republic. It's very convenient to take some days off in a country where I lived for six years, have family currently living in and it's and hour and a half away from home. Despite being known for it's amazing beaches and all inclusive resorts,  I have decided to take this a bit more locally and show you guys some of my all time favorite (Shop & food) hang outs in the city's Zona Colonial (considered the historic central neighborhood of Santo Domingo and oldest permanent European settlement).

 Casa Alfarerasd

I will forever be obsessed and in love with this ceramic shop! located on Padre Billini #254 it's THE PLACE to go-to when hunting for beautifully made one of a kind ceramic pieces! TRUST ME it's a tough decision when narrowing down your final picks to take home!!! And with great news let me inform  you that I, after almost four years, have finally convinced the shop owner 😉  to give me a lifetime sponsorship of her beautiful creations. Thanks sista!!! Click -->Casa Alfarerasd to view more of her amazing work!

Arte Boheme Casaalfarerasd Arte Boheme Casaalfarerasd

Arte Boheme Casaalfarerasd Arte Boheme Casaalfarerasd

Arte Boheme Casaalfarerasd Arte Boheme Casaalfarerasd

P.S. Don't forget to walk through the ENTIRE SHOP, including the top floors- it's pure magic!!!

 El Conde 

HI THERE!!!! it's us 😉 --- In the heart of La Zona Colonial you will come across with the famous and only pedestrian street El Conde. In here you'll enjoy a pleasant half-mile walk, while being surrounded by picturesque Colonial Arquitecture and typical Dominican decor, with the option of  purchase!!! --

Arte Boheme
P.S. Don't be afraid to offer a lower price. Bets are you will get a NO at first, but as you walk away, they will chase you down and agree... TRUST ME!!!

 La Alpargatería 

Looking to spend some time in a "Boho / Colonial" Architectural design --Restaurant/ Shop while enjoying an amazing selection of music with a great variety of food and drinks... look no further! This place will FOR SURE knock your sock out and will fall into your "go back-to" list when returning to the city! It's on mine all the time!!! and if you think that's all... man you will fall in love with La Alpargetería even more. They have the most amazing Alpagatas shop, with the option of purchasing Alpargatas already made, or custom made within 3 days! So what more than amazing food, drinks and shoes made JUST FOR YOU!




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