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Not too long ago, I came across with the whole  mood board concept (I often feel like the turtle and rabbit race 🙈 always late, but eventually gets to it)and I am in love with it. I can easily say that a good portion of my saved images on my phone have got to do with furniture, the other half Federico of course! So... after feeling more comfortable with the use of editing apps, and not having a gazillion images taking up storage on my phone, I have decided to post some product brands that I've been in love with, for like EVER and others that have recently been welcomed to the market. Being great potential buys for the house!  Guys it's definitely a great way to declutter the phones AND faster way to mentally prepare your spouse when the delivery gets to the house. 😏🙌 Lovely day to everyone and let the "Currently Craving Board" begin!

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