Green Little corners #alaboheme

Plants plants and more plants!!! I swear, one of these days when Ivan comes home from work, and opens our front door, his welcoming might soon turn out to be a fig tree leaf branch on the face! As the months go by, I can't help but to confess that this little jungle that I've created has slowly been growing and surely no signs of stopping ahead. Aside from being obsessed with the color (green of course), I think that having you're house filled with such beautiful variety of plants, helps it give the best touch of live decor that brightness every little corner! 

I was excited to show you bits and pieces from our home, and how I have been able to decorate every single space with some green in it! Seriously, down the road, if this obsession of mine maintains, this house has a big big BIG chance of being called the Tarzan house of the block! We might just end up buying the proper attire to make it official 😂😉.  After all, Ivan has always been nicknamed Tarzan (Probably due to his long curly hair... what do you guys think? fair guess huh!?). So chances are pretttyyy high.

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