(Food)sta Rica / Costa Rica + video

Second time around this lovely country and it's good to say that the plane ride (when it comes to Federico) was a total success, me on the other hand... still battling with the whole fear of flying. The more I travel with Ivan, the more points I give him for his patience when it comes to dealing with me, answering every single question I ask throughout the flights duration (regarding aircraft noise).

We got to visit San Jose and its lovely surroundings, while Ivan worked the first two days, Fede and I got to explore the city with a Friend of ours, who happened to be there visiting family. Isn't it the best when you get driven around by an actual local??? I mean... it's fun to explore and all BUT when you get handed such little time and want to visit SOOO SOOO MUCH, ( I swear I had like an entire Costa Rican bucket list on me!) a friend is the way to go (local that is). (Cassandra, if you ever get to read this, I owe you a big time personalized "Uber"service, free of charge ;)... in Miami <3 )

Ok ok ok , let me just say that I don't think I have ever pigged out while traveling as much as I did this time... Seriously!  Fede and I where hands on in a eating competition everywhere we went! we even made a double stop for a Nutella cake at Cafe Miel! We were nice enough to take dad at least once.

So here it is guys, a quick glimpse of our getaway to Costa Rica! places we visited (food being the predominant to-go destination) during our stay, and I want to give Ivan a shoutout because after many years of searching, he finally found his beloved "raspadito" with condensed milk!

Hope you enjoy  ;)

List of places we visited!

* Cafe Miel 

(Barrio Escalante area)
* Barrio Restaurant 
*Gambas Restaurant 

*  Los Suenos Resort