Afternoon @ Bianco Gelato

Bumping into this little corner on the streets of Coconut Grove was far from a coincidence. When Federico was about 10 months old, I had asked a very close friend of mine to join me at a “Miami Bloggers event.” I was curious in knowing what that whole world was about, and being new to the "mom blogging system” not  "fashion blogging” made me feel somewhat nervous and out of place. I at the event I was surrounded by beautiful women, dressed impeccably, exchanging info. And there I was, saying to anyone who would approach me “Hi! I’m Federica, and I’m a mom blogger." That sentence commonly followed a brief period of silence continued by “How cute!” with a doubting look on their face that really meant “what are you doing here?”

After many MANY attempts and no luck at finding someone that I could possibly relate to - and gather some useful information regarding “mom blogging” I quickly raised my white flag and started to leave.
All of a sudden I heard a heavy Italian accent speak to a familiar voice. When I looked, I realised I was about to leave alone, and my friend was speaking Italian to the man - later I learned his name was Federico - and he was offering his ice cream brand Bianco Gelato to her. MY GOODNESS… I had never tried a Nocciola flavored ice cream so rich in flavor and refreshing. Surely, after this, I did not leave empty-handed! My stomach had scored some yumminess that clearly compensated for all of the time spent there.

Today we took advantage of the cloudy weather and took a stroll in the Coconut Grove area with one particular destination in mind - Bianco Gelato. We walked into THE cutest (KID FRIENDLY) ice cream shop which serves old-fashioned, all-natural, organic ice cream - and with vegan options! We loved spending an afternoon in an environment which allowed us all to relax and enjoy our ice cream without chasing Federico around the entire time. (GUYS!!! they have toys for the little ones to play with!!! It’s more like an ice cream shop / toy store <3 <3 <3) Fede had a blast, and I finally got to eat an entire dessert without interruptions (HECK YEAH). It’s a definite must if you’re in the Coconut Grove area! They are the friendliest of people, AMAZING quality ice cream, and Fede even got a behind the counter “tour." I really couldn’t have asked for a more better snack time.

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