Weekend Exploring @ the Deering Estate

A very happy tuesday to everyone! Is it just me, or do you guys get as excited as I do when we are through with the Monday hazel? Anyhow... this past weekend Ivan and I took Fede to the Deering Estate down in Palmetto Bay (South Miami area). This lovely historic gem (The Estate) is part of the Miami-Dade County Parks, and they were hosting a Free-Free "P.L.A.Y." day, to celebrate Park and Recreation Month. Not only did we get to enjoy an admissions free activity (wink wink), but also explored the beautiful surroundings of The Richmond Cottage which was originally built in 1900  as an Inn. We just love going to open space places, allowing Fede to freely roam around (barefoot this time) without any worry. Strawberry snow cones, barefoot strolls, air plane rides, and knocking around every single door from the Estate, where among Federico's favorite interests of the day... Lovely environment filled with kids and family learning and exploring like us. 

Another South Florida activity marked off from our exploring list! Happy day to y'all

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