Back on Collins and 35th

Two of the best (BUT SIMPLE) things that have happened to us lately: 

1. Finally convinced Ivan into coming to Collins and 35th. Miami can get pretty packed when it comes to beach days, and having a toddler running around - surrounded by a full crowd + water from end to end - can sometimes get a little overwhelming (and aghhh...! lets not forget about parking!) So cheers to Ivan for stepping out of his comfort zone (beach-related) and after years of going to the same spot, taking one for the team and re-locating to a much calmer area! ---Spot rating - Fede will give it a 4 out of 5 cookies just because he would want to keep one for himself :) 

2.  Being the thrift hunter freak that I am, I can proudly say that I scored a lovely Rummy-Q game for a fair amount of $5 bucks (inner happy dance) not too long ago and it so happens that it  has become part of our Sunday enjoyments... Ivan has taken this game a bit too seriously due to his low-winning scores and Fede has finally learned to count up to thirteen thanks to the game tokens. 

P.S. You will see more of that red truck and its many versatile uses... Happy start of the week everyone!

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