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Tuesdays in our backyard...

Ok ok ok I must admit!!! I think I'm enjoying this new phase of house living a little more than usual. I'm the type of person that as I soon as I see a ray of sunshine through the blinds of our bedroom, jumps out of bed and quickly gets ready to leave the house and enjoy the outdoors or cross out the daily errands list BUT! as the days pass, I feel more comfortable staying in and enjoying all sorts of gardening/ decor activities. It feels like I have become a plant freak!!! (love it).  

Today was one of those days in which we got to hang out, during the afternoon, in our backyard and not only did I received some help from Fede to water the plants, but also got to replant new one from last week. Fede played with the water hose the entire time. REALLY GUYS... why can't we use them as role models for occasions such as these? running around butt naked enjoying the sunny afternoon. Let me guess... Our neighbors wouldn't be too happy now would they? I know...  

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