St. Augustine

And so we say goodbye to the month of May!!! We HAPPILY...took advantage of the long Memorial Day weekend, to drive up north to the oldest city in the United States. The beautiful St. Augustine did not stop surprising us day after day during our visit. We enjoyed its breathless scenery and Spanish architecture, covering every little corner of town. 

I couldn't be any more excited because with this quick trip, I officially give a warm welcome to our summer celebrations (one VERY happy mama bird ova hiaaaa!). A LOT of birthdays coming up these following months (like the entire family) and many outdoor activities in our backyard for this little family of ours... 

Flower coming my way, in 3...2...
That face though <3

He will sure trade any phone app for this.
"Cabaio" his new favorite word.
You still got it hun... no doubt ;)
The chasing around will forever be in our daily tasks...<3

That's fine. We can try the kiss some other day... for now lets just butt heads.

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