backyard artsy sessions- Let's hue it out...

I do not think I can fully explain the joy it gives me to see Fede in his element. I know how babies, including mine, can easily get distracted with phones - I do not blame them - even an adult gets immersed in technology and the practicality that a 3x5 device offers. As I often say: "it usually gets the leg out the mud" (google translate spanish preferably ;)...) and at times needed, for that well deserved 5 minute break but I feel that there are other activities such as... that can help develop and stimulate the baby in a slightly more creative way. 

It's been a while since Fede painted due to the transition in our new home, so today's activity was rather special because we FINALLY made it happen + seeing his reaction (let us not forget the mess he made) made it all so worth it. We had the best of times as we enjoyed an early morning in our backyard-- he painted freely and I couldn't help myself but to tag along with his little creation :) 

Photography TheMissingSock
Till next time !

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