North Miami's Enchanted Park

Rule of life: By default, gravity can sometimes catch you off-guard and one day slap you right in the face-no explanation, no knocking, no snoozing around with it- welcoming you into its world like BAM!!! (unless staying active or having "good" genes)With such an example, other situations and circumstances fall into the same category (of slapping). For instance: Once stepping foot into Motherhood lane, many of the hobbies or  activities one once felt  passionate about, can completely vanish due to the monotonous life one falls into unconsciously... or simply, you encounter an avalanche of daily tasks pushing your 30 min leisure time further and farther away. I have fallen into those two categories, and after all the “slapping” around, I propose to myself to slowly re-introduce into my motherly schedule such activities that once detached me from the daily hectic-ness. The exercising part, well… it's still within my 2016 resolution list, and hasn’t been marked off YET!!! very hopeful that one MONDAY that might change. 

Yesterday Fede and I drove by a nearby park that has stables. How lucky of me that it’s juts 10 minutes away from home; horse back riding was my therapy, my release of energy, I like to think of it as yoga. Whatever situation I was encountering that day or week, once I stepped foot into the stables, everything bottled up just flushed away! It felt nice to fall back into that “Zen” moment with Federico by my side, enjoying the warm, welcoming of dung  upon stepping foot in the stables, and feeding the horses with Federico (who latched onto me like a tick of how scared he was at first).

This little gem will surely get more visits from us on a monthly basis! 

Hard life "little" one..... I feel ya! 


Ridding on my back is always an option when not wanting to pet the horses...

Till next time! 

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