A little bit of Chicha... perhaps??

A few months ago, on my way to Ivan's work, I received a call from him letting me know- with lots of excitement- that his sister had brought to work some Chicha (Venezuelan drink). Knowing how much we both love this rise-based drink, I proceeded to, with the loveliest, most sweetest voice possible (and trust me it's very hard for me to do so), asking him if he could please, please, pleaseeee, save me some. He's the sharing type and I figured he would do so. Once I got there - to my surprise - I got a warm welcome from an empty bottle, followed by the second - longest - hug he has ever give me, for obvious reasons. Luckily, that day I woke up with the craving of finally adopting our second pet (this time a cat); I was determined to find my own Chicha, and what a perfect occasion to name her after such stingy situation (ironically she's the sweetest cat EVER!!!).  So with all of this being said, here I share with whomever is interested in trying this delicious drink... and hopefully, once it's made, you don't get the same craving I did, or maybe, who knows. 


-6 cups of water.
-1 1/2 cup of rice.
-1/2 teaspoon of salt.
-2 cinnamon sticks.
-1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.
-1/2 little of milk.
-1 cup of sugar. 
cinnamon powder to put on top of drink (Qty desired)

*Sumerge the cup of rice under water and leave it resting for 24 hrs. 

 Let it rest for at least 15 minutes...


-Boil the 6 cups of water. 
-Add salt & cinnamon sticks to boiling water.
-Add 1 1/2 cup of rice (let it cook 30-40min).
- Once rice is done remove cinnamon sticks (let it sit for 15min)
and mix the rice with the milk and the vanilla extract in a blender. 
-Add the sugar to the mix while still on the blender OR (substitute the sugar for the 140z condense milk).
-If you decide on the sugar instead of the Condense milk, still add some at the end with some cinnamon powder on top!


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