Verde que te quiero verde - House Projects

My little corner, my long-time-awaited project, is finally fulfilled in our new house. I vividly remember mentioning to Ivan how badly I wanted a green colored room in our next place. Knowing me, and how often I rearrange things, and how indecisive I can be at times, he didn't give the idea much thought. That is, until I got home one day from Home Depot with a Quart of Constantine color paint. He just gave me the "are you SURE this is what you want for the entrance?" look  and I proceeded into painting with just a bit of doubt -BUT happier than ever! Every time I leave home, I come back with excitement for the welcoming of this little corner. It's just soooo puuuuuuurrrrdy!!!


  1. It turned out so beautifully and seems like the perfect sanctuary! What a lovely green you've chosen too! In love 😍

  2. Hi Jen!!! thanks love! the color if ever interested is Constantine by Ralph Lauren BUT they made me a "cheaper" version at the store!

    1. It's gorgeous :) And that second good!