Monserrate Bogota + Weekend Wedding

I always say is often good to pack our bags and head somewhere; it doesn't necessarily need to be too far from home, but definitely little getaways can do the heart and mind some good. This time we were lucky enough to "jump the puddle" and headed south to Bogota, Colombia to watch my high school best friend get married. 

Our relationship was far from normal of any kind of best friend interaction. Our high school days mainly consisted of getting back to class from lunch all sweaty from the many sports we played (soccer and ping pong being sour faves) and in dirty shirts and often-ripped pants from the many falls we gladly enjoyed taking. She is the one who introduced me to ping pong, which even to this day we take pride into bragging about how good we were, how far we took our team (her being the Captain- per the usual) in the annual school league, and how we are always up for a challenge- despite the lack of practice- but kept our heads up high in confidence. I will always cherish those long rush- hour city rides singing along to Alanis Morrissette and Rufio, never once mentioning corny future- wedding- plan; Taco Bell was always predominantely in our mind after sports practices. Today, with the biggest smile on my face, I can gladly say you are, by far, the coolest, most kick-ass partner I've had and Nicolas can consider himself one lucky man who got as a wife a version of  Mr. Miyagi in the ping pong department, and as far as the Wife Department goes.... if it ever gets tricky, always! always! always! discuss it over with a  Nachos Bellgrande from Taco Bell and never ever EVER settle for a Nachos Supreme..... Te quiero China! 

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