Some Canvas Boards and Watercolor Kinda Day...

Its been a while since Fede and I sat down to watch him get messy with paint. What once was a habit slowly faded to just  chalkboard wall painting - which is a daily activity now - but it's never a bad idea to hit it off once again with some extra color splatters on Khoa -and possibly the wall. In a million years it would have never crossed my mind how much Federico would become so passionate and genuinely happy by having a handful of brushes and some canvas boards to let his imagination run loose. Today, we got a little bit more in-depth of how to intervene color with textures, and making it react with certain components (in this case, salt). I find it fascinating how watercolor reacts to salt, so I decided to introduce it to Fede.
It's clear that instructions where not given (they never have) with the process of applying salt granules to the watercolor, but it didn't take him long to jump ahead and dip his brush into the cup of salt and smother it onto the paint.

It amazes me how, his curiosity regarding art related activities has definitely flowered and has left me wanting to challenge him a bit more. I'm loving the effort and concentration he uses when shifting a brush from one hand to the other, double dipping... Well, we haven't gone that far along YET - when it comes to the rules and his demand for more canvas to continue painting. Chicha curiously joined Fede's activity but instead got some refreshment....

Till next time!!! 

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