Thoughts in Traveling Without Federico

When the feeling of leaving Federico for a few days with mamama and yeyo (grandparents) starts creeping in, and my stomach slowly becomes a knot as the hour for departure gets closer, I feel nothing but immense levels of anxiety- nervousness seems to distract me from the positive outcome this experience might bring us both. So when these uninvited feelings feel the unnecessary need to come knocking on the door again, I have come up with a list of things to help me feel less stressed about this whole situation.

A- Staying with mamama and yeyo means lots and lots of spoiling so it's a possibility (slim chance) that on the kissing and hugging department, he will be over his monthly quota by my return.

B- He might have a better shot at finally trying Chichas food, the whole canned exotic delicacy that is cat food has definitely caught his attention.  Few attempts have been made, zero achieved so far! Fingers crossed to keep it that way!!!

C- A brand new pack of 24 crayola chalk has been given to him as a gift (Ivan's constant bribery let him nowhere because we're still 1-1) so there's less eyes to be on-the-look-out for dusty, colored lines on the furniture. If there's a time to get away from any mess and blame it on Khoa and Chicha, now is the right time!

D- He can practice driving down the hall with his new battery-charged car and practice his pick up lines ("ahhhhhhh... Nonono... ba baiiiii... Pupu...")to the girl down the hall, Maria Irene. Trust me, between her Italian and his Spanish something needs to be understood there... Also, fingers crossed!

E- The whole nursing situation has become even more difficult for Federico. So being away for just the right amount of days can definitely help him latch off, and help get my unevenness (if ya know what I mean...) back on track!

Now thinking about it, he might event throw a house party and just call all of the baby neighbors we have.


  1. A gander to your blog from instagram - just as beautiful here. Reading reminds me I wanted to buy water colors and also: target. Thank you for this wonderful space! The light. The colors. The happy.

  2. Thank you for such kind words. This little space has been a work in progress but I'm glad you've liked it so far :)