Braiding it on...

After fighting with hair tutorial videos and myself for quite some time – and without any luck, but instead lots and lots of frustration - trying to do the Dutch Halo Braid, I decided to take matters into my own hands (for the last time) and ended up doing this much simpler version of the half halo braid with a low bun. I'm loving it! I think I’ll be revisiting this hairstyle again.

With Federico on my hip + Miami's hot weather and humidity, I often resort to the easiest method of keeping myself cool: the bun. I may not always make the prettiest, but I'm sure the bun has never let anyone down in the cooling department. So, to this wonderful and loyal companion, I added top braids! They can either be crisscrossed or adjacent, adding some fun to the hair and not making it look so dull.

Till next time!

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